Heating and Cooling system

Sunrise Labs, Hicksville, NY


Sunrise Laboratories was converting a printing facility into a lab, and it needed to redesign the HVAC system.

MEP designed the new system by complementing the existing infrastructure with a reconfigured ductwork system for evenly distributed air flow, new ventilation, and more efficient cooling and heating.

Office Space Change of Use

250 Miller Place, Hicksville, NY

Facility Description

sunrise-logo-bkgrdThis 76,150 square foot building is composed of two stories of commercial office and warehouse space. Previously used as a newspaper printing/editing building, the space was acquired by Sunrise Laboratories and had to undergo extensive mechanical changes to accommodate its new use. The air distribution system is comprised of various constant volume air handlers and constant volume terminal boxes.

Project Origin and Goals

The building’s cooling and heating demand was served by five rooftop units ranging from 10 to 30 tons, 20 heat pumps located on the second floor and various electric baseboard heaters located throughout the first floor. A majority of the space had been used as unoccupied warehouse space which did not utilize any ventilation. The objective of 250 Miller Place was to design an HVAC system that could be interconnected with the existing ductwork and that could provide means of heating and cooling for the building as a whole.

MEP was the prime consultant for this project retained directly by the client to design 100% of the HVAC system and ductwork configuration.

Site Findings and Solutions

MEP designed a new HVAC system in compliance with the New York State Energy and Mechanical Code. Heating/cooling load calculations were performed to size out all necessary equipment and ductwork configuration. A constant volume system was design to complement the existing infrastructure and dedicated exhaust for the new lab hoods, toilet rooms, lockers and storage was provided. A new ductwork arrangement was designed to evenly distribute air throughout. For this project 5 rooftop units ranging from 5 to 18 tons to form a total of 69 tons were utilized to provide the necessary cooling outdoor air ventilation and heating requirements for the space.


MEP completed the design and specifications within schedule and the client approved the proposed design in the first submission. The project was filed with and approved by Nassau County.