N.C. D.P.W. Capital Project No. 50404, Hempstead, NY

Nassau County Police Dept. Firearms Training Facility, Hempstead, NY


The Nassau County Police Department added extensions to its Firearms Training Facility, and they needed to upgrade their power infrastructure.

MEPĀ  coordinated with the utilities company to bring in third phase high-voltage lines to the property, a new distribution panel, and interior work for correct distribution to existing and new panels. We also recreated all missing construction documents and surveyed all existing mechanical equipment to ensure it could handle the upgraded electrical distribution.


Power Infrastructure Upgrade

As a result of the building extensions, HVAC equipment upgrades, and site lighting upgrades an existing 400amp 240volt delta with high leg service required an upgrade to 800amps 208volt wye configuration.

The project included coordination with utility to bring in third phase high voltage line to property. From pole mounted transformers, secondary was run to building where new CT cabinet and service switch was provided. New 800amp distribution panel was provided as well as distribution to existing and new panels for interior work.

MEP was responsible of producing 100% construction documents which included power and lighting of building additions, one line diagram, panel schedules, electrical site plan and electrical room layout. Book specification was provided. All existing mechanical 240volt equipment was surveyed to assure that they would be adequate for 208volt electrical distribution.