Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Sprinkler Design

Montefiore Medical Center, North Division, Bronx, NY — Renal Care Suite


Montefiore Medical Center needed a complete renovation of its renal dialysis center to reconfigure the suite and include additional treatment spaces as well as administrative facilities.

As the prime consultant, MEP was charged with redesigning all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Our designs included new HVAC duct work, additional plumbing fixtures, rewiring to accommodate new electrical needs, and additional sprinkler heads for enhanced fire supression. All of our designs included provisions to complement and reuse existing structures to reduce renovation costs.

Renal Dialysis Renovation

MMC_Logo2Facility Description

Montefiore Medical Center North Division, the former Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, consists of 369 inpatients beds, 7 operating rooms and is operated by more than 500 physicians with a supporting staff of 2000 employees. The healthcare complex is composed of several interconnecting buildings of one to seven stories in height. This project is located on the fifth floor of the main seven story building (approximately 280,000 s.f. total in size). The building is mechanically served by a multitude of air handling equipment installed in the early 1980’s. The air distribution system is comprised of various constant volume air handlers, constant volume terminal boxes equipped with reheat coils and perimeter fan coil units equipped with provisions for outdoor air.

Project Origin and Goals

The scope of work for this project consisted of a complete renal dialysis suite renovation of approximately 1,800 sf in size. Two new dialysis stations, a new equipment repair room, new soiled holding, several offices, a new staff toilet, a complete renovation of the water treatment room and reconfiguration of the nurses station was part of the design.

MEP as the prime consultants of the project was responsible to design 100% of the mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler and electrical alteration construction documents.

Filing with the Department of Health and NYC Building Department was required, and administration of filing and compliance with 10 NYCRR Section 711 and all pertinent technical standards was included under the scope of MEP’s services.

Site Findings and Solutions

HVAC — MEP designed a new distribution system in compliance with AIA and NYC Building Code. A new ductwork layout of greater capacity was designed to complement the existing infrastructure, as the existing layout did not suffice the required ventilation, and a dedicated exhaust for the added rooms was provided.

Plumbing — The design called for the installation nine new plumbing fixtures including six new dialysis boxes. Medical gas service points containing medical vacuum and oxygen were also installed and tempered water was provided to feed the said boxes.

Electrical — The existing space consists of both 3 phase, 4 wire, 277/480 volt and 120/208 volt power. Normal and emergency (life safety and critical) power has been provided in the space. The complete suite was rewired for power, lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm, and nurse’s call layout. Existing wiring and conduit was utilized where possible to save on the cost of the renovation.

Sprinkler — A main loop pipe ran within the suite. A new hydraulic sub-loop was designed to connect to the main loop to feed 20 new heads located throughout the space.


MEP completed the design within schedule and the project was filed and approved with both the Department of Health and NYC Department of Buildings.