HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Design

Met Foods Supermarket, Nassau County, NY


Met Foods acquired space in a new building, and they needed to build out their space to meet specific needs of the supermarket. MEP was hired as the lead engineer to design the new systems.

MEP designed all HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fuel gas needs for the new space. The proposal was authorized within the first submission and approved by Nassau County.

Facility Description

met_foods_logoThis new 20,500 square foot single story building is composed of cmu construction on a concrete slab. Met Foods acquired 12,000 sf of the building for their supermarket. Extensive mechanical and electrical work was needed to accommodate its use.

Project Origin and Goals

This proposed new construction was erected as a core and shell building and had to be adapted for the use by its new tenant. MEP was the prime consultant for this project retained directly by Met Foods to design 100% of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression trades.

Site Findings/Solutions

HVAC — MEP designed a new HVAC system in compliance with the New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code and Mechanical Code. Heating/cooling load calculations were performed to size out all necessary equipment and ductwork configuration. For this project three 4,000 CFM rooftop units were utilized to provide the necessary cooling outdoor air ventilation and heating requirements for the space. Two small unit heaters were used to supply unoccupied mechanical equipment rooms.

Plumbing — The design called for two new ADA compliant toilet rooms, and 4 service sinks. A new under slab piping layout was designed which incorporated all necessary drains and vents. A 100 gallon gas fired water heater was selected, along with a corresponding circulating pump, to provide all the hot water needed for the space.

Electrical — The building is provided with a 3 phase, 4 wire, 120/208 volt AC service. The complete space was wired for power, lighting and emergency lighting as per the National Electrical Code. A significant amount of refrigeration and HVAC equipment had to be taken into account when sizing the tenants electric service. All power was distributed to the supermarkets equipment and devices via seven new lighting and power panels.

Sprinkler — This GRP-2 classified building was served by a 2-1/2” sprinkler service off the main water line. MEP designed a fire suppression system composed of approximately 15 upright heads to cover areas not protected by the existing layout. MEP performed all the necessary hydraulic calculations and designed the project as per NFPA 13.

Fuel Gas — An new service was brought into the building to serve the mechanical equipment. The fuel gas piping and equipment was designed and verified to provide proper service interconnection to the proposed mechanical equipment.


MEP completed the design and specifications within schedule and the client approved the proposed design in the first submission. The project was filed with and approved by Nassau County.