Boiler Upgrade

Five Towns College, Dix Hills, NY


Five Towns College needed a turnkey boiler and valve replacement to upgrade its heating system. Working with a previous employer, Mr. German Chaikin designed the complete boiler system, and included retrofitted components wherever possible to reduce costs.

Located in Dix Hills, New York and built in the 1950’s, the Five Towns College’s building is 75,000 square feet consisting of one floor on slab construction and partial second story. The building’s heating system is mechanically served by two oil and coal fired H.B. Smith boilers approximately 250 BHP in size each.

Throughout the years one of the original boilers was replaced. This project’s objective was to provide a turnkey boiler and valve replacement to Tried Construction Corporation.

Working for a previous employer, Mr. German Chaikin, PE was the lead engineer for this project. The mechanical design objective was to remove the remaining original boiler with corresponding isolation gate valves and field-erect a new Easco 175 bhp boiler in the vicinity of the boiler room. The design included all required hot water pipe modifications, gas, fuel oil, drain, relief valve piping, retrofitted breeching, new fuel gas piping, meter and regulation manifold.