Heating and Cooling System

Eastern LI Hospital — Greenport, NY


Eastern Long Island Hospital needed to renovate the heating and cooling system for its emergency department as part of an overall renovation.

The ductwork needed to be narrow enough to fit the building’s limited ceiling clearance, and minimize obstruction of an existing patient space.

MEP designed a system that circumnavigated patient spaces and minimized noise while effectively serving the whole building.

Emergency Room Renovation

elih logoEastern Long Island Hospital is located in Greenport, New York. The project outline was to completely renovate the hospital’s 5,000 square foot emergency department located on the first level of a two-story building. The building is served by low pressure steam and chilled water. As part of the design team working for a previous employer, Mr. German Chaikin P.E. was responsible to design and administer the mechanical trade of the project.

The building structure consisted of poured concrete walls, floor slabs and roof. Two of the major design challenges of the project were an above the ceiling clearance of only 18” to the underside of slab and the need to duct down through the second floor occupied patient area.

Multiple penetrations were strategically coordinated through the existing 2nd floor patient space in order to keep obstructions to a minimum and the ductwork small once it entered the ER suite. Duct sound absorbers were provided in supply ductwork to address penetrations through the 2nd floor and to reduce noise from ceiling supply grilles into the ER.

A rooftop mechanical penthouse was required to enclose the re-heat, exhaust, heap filtration equipment and piping control components due to a lack of adjacent space. A dedicated 11,000 CFM air handling unit with clean humidification, chilled water, and heating hot water was roof-mounted neighboring the new penthouse to serve the ER. Among the major mechanical equipment installed in the project was a clean steam generator, seven reheat coils, exhaust with hepa filter, three unit heaters, condensate pump, two circulating chilled and hot water pumps.