Hot Aisle, Cool Aisle: Mission Critical Cooling System

Computer Associates, Labs on Demand Data Center, Islandia, NY


Computer Associates’ Labs on Demand Data Center was growing, and it required additional space. Data centers require specific cooling systems to keep high density server racks from overheating.

MEP designed all mission critical cooling systems, specifications, and control components, as well as construction administration.

Site Description

CA-TechnologiesComputer Associates Technologies’s headqurters builing is approximately 850,000 square feet in size and its Data Center consists of 19,000 square feet of high density server racks.

Project Origin and Goals

Labs on Demand is an emerging department within CA and as a result needed additional data center space. The project entailed the conversion of 4,000 square feet of administrative space adjacent to the data center into high density server racks.

Site Findings and Solutions

The mechanical systems specified for temperature control consisted of a total of 50-Tons of cooling split among four floor-mounted CRAC units. Other aspects of the project included chilled water piping, condensate removal via pumps and perforated floor tile placement. MEP was responsible to design 100% of the mission critical cooling systems, specifications, controls components, and construction administration.