Hot Aisle, Cool Aisle: Site Study and Recommendations

Computer Associates, Islandia, NY


Computer Associates’ data center had issues with hot spots in its server room, and it called in MEP to assess the space and identify issues.

MEP found insufficient airflow design and obstructions, and recommended design corrections to maintain even temperatures and keep the servers from overheating.

Site Description

CA-TechnologiesComputer Associates Technologies’ headquarters building is approximately 850,000 square feet in size and its Data Center consists of 23,000 square feet of high density server racks.

Project Origin and Goals

CA was experiencing hot spots throughout the data center. The project entailed a thermal, raised floor, supply and return airflow analysis of the entire data center.

Site Findings and Solutions

MEP conducted a detailed site study that revealed raised-floor airflow obstructions, inadequate perforated tile locations, and insufficient perforated tiles in the data center. Most importantly MEP identified that certain air conditioning and ventilation alterations conducted throughout the years within the data center were inconsistent with the design intent of the building’s mechanical systems. A +/- 1 deg. Fahrenheit design temperature set-point was maintained throughout the data center after the recommendations were implemented.