Electrical Design Recommendations

US Post Office, Bayshore, NY


The Bayshore U.S. Postal Office had an outdated electrical system that was loaded to capacity. MEP was called in to recommend upgrades so that the electrical system could better handle the actual power needs of the office.

MEP recommended increasing the amperage increase capacity, and upgrading the distribution board, and adding a grounding system to bring the configuration up to LIPA standards and specifications. The new designs effectively brought the post office’s electrical system into the 21st century.

The United States Post Office located at 1314 5th Avenue in Bayshore has an existing 800 Amp, 120/208 Volt, 3 – Phase, 4 – Wire electrical service. The existing distribution system contains five (5) 200 Amp, 3-pole fused disconnects serving electrical panelboards at various locations around the building, and one (1) 400 amp, 3-pole disconnect originally serving a chiller located on the roof, now serving a 400 amp panelboard in the Boiler Room for new equipment recently designed.

The electrical service equipment is outdated and currently is loaded to capacity both in circuit availability (with exception to the new 400 amp panel and (1) 200 amp square `D’ Panel which no longer serves the equipment loads it was designed for) and amperage output. The addition of any equipment will no longer meet National Electrical Code (NEC) by exceeding six (6) means of disconnect. There is no main switch at this location. All existing service equipment was installed back in the 1950’s or early 1960’s.

We recommend an upgrade of the electrical service to include, a new 1200 amp, C/T Cabinet, and a new 1200 amp Main Distribution Board (MDP) to feed all existing panels thus eliminating all the outdated disconnects serving the existing panelboards. The increase to 1200 amps will allow for growth in amperage and will provide additional wall space in the Boiler Room from discarding all 3-pole disconnects. All existing panels will be provided with power from a 3-pole circuit breaker located in the new main distribution board. A new grounding system shall be provided as well bringing the electrical service up to new local code requirements. All work shall meet LIPA standards and specifications.