Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning; Lighting

Bay Ridge Rod & Gun Club, Brooklyn, NY


The Bay Ridge Rod & Gun Club, an indoor shooting range, needed to upgrade its exhaust system to reduce smoke buildup from firearm discharge. It also required lighting upgrades for the shooting range and administrative offices.

MEP’s senior engineer Phil Valot designed the power infrastructure to support larger mechanical systems that would keep the air clear, as well as revised lighting design, including arrangement, controls, and fixtures, to improve visibility.

Facility Description:

The Bay Ridge Rod & Gun Club, Inc. is located in the basement of a multiuse building and occupies approximately 20,000 square feet. The facility consists of twenty-one shooting points all of which are twenty-five yards. The Club also has a reception area, administration offices, snack bar, public and staff toilets.

Project Origin and Goals:

Due to the inadequacy of the existing exhaust system, the space would experience the build up of smoke from the discharge of firearms in the space.

A Mechanical Contracting Company was hired directly by the owner to design and install the proper Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment to resolve this problem.

The space also lacked proper lighting for both the shooting range and administration spaces.

Site findings and solutions:

A new rooftop HVAC system was designed and installed by the mechanical contractor that would remove the build up of smoke in the space. The system consisted of a new code compliant filtered exhaust system and a separate makeup air unit to serve the range. A dedicated HVAC unit for the administration and common spaces was also installed. This new systems were substantially larger than the existing equipment.

Mr. Phil Valot (MEP Engineering’s Senior Electrical Engineer), while employed with another design firm, designed the power infrastructure upgrade to support the larger mechanical systems. New lighting fixtures, revised lighting arrangement and lighting controls were also specified and designed.