Medical Suite Renovation: HVAC and Electrical Design

1112 Park Ave, New York, NY


A Manhattan physician acquired a private medical suite and wanted to modernize the office’s systems. The suite’s steam radiators and window-mounted air conditioning units were old and inefficient.

MEP designed a new code-compliant HVAC and electrical system—rewiring for power, lighting, and emergency lighting and a new central air conditioning system—to bring the medical suite into the 21st century.

Facility Description

This 16-floor brick construction building, built in 1927, is composed of approximately 160,000 square feet. A space of 1,300 sf, previously used as a medical suite, was acquired by a private doctor with intentions of renovating it into a new medical suite.

Project Origin and Goals

The space was mechanically served by steam radiators and window mounted air conditioning units. The objective of this project was to modernize the entire medical suite as well as providing a new central air conditioning system. The complete space was rewired for power, lighting and emergency lighting.

MEP was the prime consultant for this project retained directly by the client to design 100% of the mechanical and electrical. The space underwent a complete change of use and remodeled, therefore, all of the existing mep services were completely removed.

Site Findings/Solutions

HVAC — MEP designed a new HVAC system in compliance with the New York City Building Code and conducted heating/cooling and outdoor air requirement calculations. A 1600 CFM ceiling mounted air handling unit was utilized to provide the necessary cooling outdoor air ventilation requirements for the space. A new ductwork layout was designed to evenly distribute air throughout the space.

Electrical — The existing suite is provided with a single phase, 3 wire, 120/208 volt AC system. The suite had two outdated (1 fuse & 1 push button breaker) panels that were removed and replaced with a new code complaint panel. This replacement also removed several code violations that were associated with the older panels. An abandoned feeder that originally provided power for an x-ray machine, was intercepted in the basement and extended to a new centrally located electrical panel. This panel was used to provide power to the new air conditioning unit, air handler and exam rooms.


MEP completed the design and specifications within schedule and the client approved the proposed design in the first submission. The project was filed and approved by New York City.