Power & Plumbing Study and Domestic Hot Water Heater & Boiler: System Analysis and Recommendations

100 S. Ocean House, Freeport, NY


This mid-century residential apartment building had several issues with power and plumbing efficiencies and wanted to upgrade some of its systems.

MEP analyzed building heat loss, domestic water consumption, and equipment efficiency and identified nineteen building system deficiencies. We proposed a replacement system that would address all issues and upgrade building’s systems for energy efficiency and to serve the changing needs of the complex.


100 S. Ocean house is a four story residential building housing seventy seven apartments or approximately 140 residents. The gross floor area is approximately 73,000 square feet circa 1955. The building is served by a central low pressure oil-fired steam boiler with an integral heat exchanger used for both building heating and domestic water heating. The power infrastructure consists of one 1000 amp service and individual electrical sub-meters.

MEP was called to investigate a number of problems including low domestic water pressure, inconsistent domestic water temperature, proposed dishwasher’s impact to plumbing system and power system, alternative equipment energy analysis and detail estimating to replace boiler with dedicated gas-fired domestic water heaters and dedicated low pressure boiler.

In connection with the building problems MEP produced a twenty four page report that identified nineteen building system deficiencies and/or recommendations for improvements. MEP also produced a thirty one page bid-spec for the items recommended in the report.

Additionally MEP conducted fuel consumption analysis based on the current system and a proposed system. A proposed replacement system was conceptualized and calculations were executed including building heat loss, domestic water consumption, and equipment efficiency. A budget estimate report was also requested which MEP based on RSmeans data. The results indicated a $150,000 capital improvement project.